Poverty and Social Class

Books about poverty in today’s Britain

Stewart Lansley and Joanna Mack (2015) Breadline Britain: the rise of mass poverty (Oneworld)

James Bloodworth (2018) Hired: six months undercover in low-wage Britain. (Atlantic Books)
(A journalist goes undercover to find working conditions at Amazon, a social care agency, a call centre, and as an Uber driver.)

Darren McGarvey (2017) Poverty safari: understanding the anger of Britain’s underclass. (Picador)
(Excellent account of poverty in Scotland)

Vickie Cooper and David Whyte (eds) (2017) The violence of Austerity. (Pluto Press)(Chapters dealing with specific issues such as mental health, fuel, hunger, asylum, etc.)

Danny Dorling (2014) Inequality and the 1% (Verso)
(Contains key statistics about increasing social divisions)