Doctoral Students

Post-graduate (Masters and Doctoral) students

We welcome potential  masters and doctoral students to the Centre and we are happy to discuss supervision of students in the following areas:

  • Multicultural and anti-racist education (school and tertiary education)
  • Teacher activism in areas of equity and anti-discrimination
  • Change agency within organizations, particularly in relation to equity and social justice
  • Intersectionality of identities and social policy (particularly ‘race’, ethnicity and gender)
  • Social capital and equity
  • Migration, ethnicities and labour markets
  • Theorising political agency and identities
  • Children and young people’s human rights and participation

To discuss possible supervision, an internship or placement with the Centre, please contact Yvonne Foley and Marlies Kustatscher.

Current Post-graduate Students

Huaiyuan Huang

Huaiyuan is a second year PhD student at Moray House School of Education and Sports. He is currently conducting fieldwork research in China. His research focus in on the anthropology of education, citizenship education, and ethnic minority education in China. Huaiyuan’s PhD research topic is Citizenship Education and Senses of Belonging: The Ethnic Koreans in Northeast China.

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Lisa MacDonald

Lisa is a writer, teacher and Early Years practitioner in the North West Highlands. Her PhD research at Moray House considers the interface between child-led play pedagogy and Gaelic language acquisition in children under five years of age. She is particularly interested in the lived experiences of practitioners working with young children who are learning Gaelic as an additional language. She is passionate about equity, empathy and the celebration of diversity in education as well as in society as a whole.

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Keren Miguel

Keren  is a first-year PhD student at The University of Edinburgh, Moray House School of Education and Sport. Her doctoral research investigates inclusion within the classroom – educators’ perceptions of learners with special education needs in Trinidad and Tobago. She holds a Master of Science degree in Inclusive and Special Education from The University of Edinburgh. Her research examined the transition of young adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities to further education colleges in Scotland. As an undergraduate student, Keren was the principal investigator of an international research study examining programs and policies for adults with a learning disability in Trinidad. Her research was funded by Ryerson University and is published in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies. Her research interests include education policy, special education, transition to vocational and further/higher education for persons with disabilities.
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