Conferences and Symposia

CERES Conversation 2019

Scotland is proud of its inclusive approach to education and of the increasing diversity in our schools, classrooms and education establishments. However, education practitioners continue to report that they do not have sufficient knowledge, understanding or confidence to meet these increasing diversities. CERES Conversation 2019 provided education practitioners (early years, schools, colleges, universities, adult education) with spaces to consider how literate you and your establishment are on matters of racial, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.

The event offered a challenging but safe space  to dismantle what are often seen as complex, sensitive and controversial issues. A range of issues were covered, from talking about racism with pupils of different ages, Whiteness, Islamophobia, culturally relevant pedagogy, to learning what recent research tells us about how to support pupils for whom English is an Additional Language.

More information about CERES Conversation 2019 is available here.


CERES International Conference 2017

Our Third International Conference 2017, Activism and Antiracism in Education: telling our stories, took place at University of Edinburgh on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th June 2017.

More information about CERES International Conference 2017 is available here.


CERES International Conference 2015

The second CERES International Conference took place on Wednesday 24th – Friday 26th June 2016.

More information about CERES International Conference 2015 is available here.


CERES International Conference 2013

The first CERES Conference, Racism and Anti-Racism through Education and Community Practice: An International Exchange, took place on 26th—28th June 2013.

More information about CERES International Conference 2013 is available here.


Symposium: Language, Literacies and Diverse Classrooms 2017

The symposium took place in March 2017 and brought together academics, educators, policymakers and other stakeholders. Presenters from the UK, South Africa, and Australia explored the challenges and opportunites presented by diverse classrooms and what strategies can be utilized to meet the language and literacy needs of all learners.

Access videos and presentations from the symposium here.

Racial Equality, Education and Youth Work in Scotland (2016-2017)

CERES, in partnership with the University of Glasgow, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), and the University of Edinburgh’s Teacher Education Partnership, held a series of seminars and a one-hour webinar on “Race Equality, School Education and Youth Work in Scotland.”

Acess videos, briefings and further information about the seminar series here.