CERES Podcasts

We have launched a new CERES Podcast, featuring conversations with educators, activists and others focusing on antiracism and race equality in education.

New Podcast: Anti-racism activist Pavithra Atul Sarma, in conversation with Dr Kristina Konstantoni (CERES)

Listen to Pavithra Atul Sarma speaking to CERES Member Kristina Konstantoni about her work as an anti-racism activist and consultant.


Pavithra Atul Sarma is an anti-racism activist and consultant. Pavithra can be contacted on Twitter (@SarmaPavithra) or via email (pavi_n@hotmail.com).  You can find more information on her work on the Anti-Racism Education Scotland (ARES) Facebook group.



Kristina Konstantoni is a Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies. She is part of the new and emerging Childhood & Youth Studies Research Group at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, a member of the Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland and member of RACE.ED. Current and recent research projects include: children’s rights and inequalities in times of the double humanitarian crises of austerity and the refugee crises; children’s human rights in informal learning public play spaces like community and business play-cafés; and children and young people’s human rights and participation in research, practice and policy-making. She works both in Scotland and with cross-national partners in such places as Greece, Brazil, Eswatini, South Africa, West Bank and Gaza, and Germany.