Welcome to the CERES Blogs

These blogs are intended to raise issues relating to promoting race equality and anti-racism within education in general. Blogs may present issues arising from research or can be personal accounts from educators, education students, parents, individuals and groups relating to the teaching on, or leadership of, matters related to ‘race’. They can be examples of best practice or discussions about conundrums or discomforts. The aim of the blogs is to open up discussion, to provide spaces for disruption, transformation and boundary-pushing in the area of race equality and anti-racism within education.

Our aim is to publish a new blog each week during term/semester times. Read our latest blogs below:

Blog 1: Decolonising and Initial Teacher Education, by Rowena Arshad

Blog 2: Black Lives Matter for mainly white classrooms, by Kari Giordano

Blog 3: It is never too early to talk anti-racism with young people, by Kristina Konstantoni

Blog 4: Artstories: Anti-racist community-based Art Education, by Pam Lawton

Blog 5: Talking about Black Lives Matter in the classroom and upholding my Professional Values, by an anonymous Primary School teacher

Blog 6: I am a Mongol and that is who I am, by Uuganaa Ramsay

Blog 7: Fight, Flight or Freeze: BME teachers survival in a predominately white profession, by Khadija Mohammad

Blog 8: Uncovering University of Edinburgh’s Black History, by Henry Dee

Blog 9: The Active Pursuit of Antiracist Allyship, by Reed Swier

Blog 10: Black-White Allyship: How Strong are the Ties that Bind? By Barbara Becnel

Blog 11: Why capturing and archiving history is so important – The story of Lothian Black Forum and the murder of Axmed Abuukar Sheikh, by Rowena Arshad

Blog 12: Anti-Gaelic rejectionism and minority rights in Scotland, by Wilson McLeod

Blog 13: Teachers of Deaf Education: Black Deaf Lives Matter, by Rachel O’Niell [with BSL translation]

Blog 14: Giving voice to Scotland’s minority language communities, by Andy Hancock

Contribute to CERES Blogs

If you feel you would like to contribute (and we hope you do), then please see the information below. We are very happy to take contributions from Scotland and across the world.

Blogs should include:

  • 500-800 words submitted on a Word document.
  • If you include any images/video, please ensure these are appropriately credited and with permission.
  • A short bio of who you are with good quality head shot photo.
  • If you are happy to include this, a link to your professional profile or an email address for readers to contact you.
  • Any Twitter or Instagram handles and hashtags you would like to add when we promote it.

We encourage you to write to us with your idea for a blog before submission. Please contact us at ceres@ed.ac.uk and mark your email with ‘Blog submission’.