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These blogs are intended to raise issues relating to promoting race equality and anti-racism within education in general. Blogs may present issues arising from research or can be personal accounts from educators, education students, parents, individuals and groups relating to the teaching on, or leadership of, matters related to ‘race’. They can be examples of best practice or discussions about conundrums or discomforts. The aim of the blogs is to open up discussion, to provide spaces for disruption, transformation and boundary-pushing in the area of race equality and anti-racism within education.

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If you feel you would like to contribute (and we hope you do), then please see the information below. We are very happy to take contributions from Scotland and across the world.

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We encourage you to write to us with your idea for a blog before submission. Please contact us at ceres@ed.ac.uk and mark your email with ‘Blog submission’.

CERES Blogs: Disrupting whiteness: countering ‘white backlash’

By Marlies Kustatscher After recently writing a blog on hegemonic whiteness in the higher education classroom, my CERES colleagues invited me to reflect further on ‘white backlash’, or ‘pushback’ particularly from those who would deem themselves pro-social justice....

CERES Blogs: Anti-Racism: A Teacher Trade Unionist Perspective

By Asif Chishti “In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” Angela Y. Davis If we want to create a more equal society, where everyone is valued, then we need to take action. Surely this is especially the case for teachers? It is...

CERES Blogs: Moving Toward Antiracist Family Engagement

By Reed Swier In 2020, not only did the United States government fail in supporting the country’s most vulnerable and historically marginalized families, many of our schools did as well. In my work with school districts I have witnessed firsthand how leaders continue...