The following is a list of key knowledge exchange events and contributions to shaping policy and practice that our team have been leading on and contributing to. 


Arshad, R. is Convenor of College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Committee at the University of Edinburgh.

Arshad, R. is Convenor of University of Edinburgh’s Race Equality and Anti-Racist Sub-Committee. Wrote and taking forward the implementation of the University of Edinburgh Race Equality and Anti-Racist Action Plan.

Arshad, R. is Convenor of the Scottish Government Diversity in Teaching Profession Working Group taking forward the 17 recommendations of the Teaching in a Diverse Scotland working group report. The working group was chaired by Professor Arshad.

Arshad, R. (2020) Online Webinar Presenter: ‘Progressing Race Equality: Action, Allyship and Anti-Racism’, Advance HE, 24th September 2020. Audience: 1,058.  (requests have come in from the University of Bournemouth, University of Edinburgh, University of Sunderland to use the lecture as a teaching and library resource).

Arshad, R. (2020) Online Webinar Presenter: Into Headship national conference, 23rd September 2020. Audience 300+.

Arshad, R(2020) Chaired Edinburgh Race Lecture, ‘After Utoya – Sifting through the wreckage of white supremacy’, by Professor Nasar Meer. September 2020.   

Eferakorho, J. (2020) Symposium: Decolonizing the Mind: Talking about language in Africa in the 21st centuryThis paper adopts a critical multicultural literacy paradigm to help promote diverse epistemological frames of reference through appropriation of the colonial language, decolonising the curriculum and problematizing the canonical status granted to certain literary texts by offering a critical literacy reading.

Fakunle, O. (2020) The Impact of Doctoral Students Missing Conferences. Missing Conferences Symposium. Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Professional and Higher Education SIG. 15 September 2020. 

Fakunle, O. & Allah-Mensah, J. (2020) Divergence between practice and perspectives on conferences as learning sites for doctoral students: Findings from a multinational project. [Webinar]. Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) 13 January 2020. 

Fakunle, O. & Li, J. Staff perceptions on creating inclusive internationalised classrooms. (2019/20) CERES Network Members Labake and Jingyi successfully organised a workshop at the University of Edinburgh Teaching and Learning conference and Practice Worth Sharing Events at the Moray House School of Education and Sport. 

Johnson, C. & Fakunle, O. (2020) Supporting Early Career Researchers through Virtual Writing Groups. [Webinar] (SRHE) 29 January 2020.

Foley, Y. (2020) Online webinar presenter: The Importance of Language Learning and Maintenance amid Brexit and COVID-19: Evidence from successful EAL practice, Bilingualism Matters / SCILT, September 2020. 

Hancock, A. (2020) Invitation to contribute to Policy Paper with Reform Scotland for Scottish Government.

Hancock, A. (2020) Professional link to SATEAL and part of writing team for the revised edition of 2+ Languages Document (January 2020).

Konstantoni, K. (2019-present) Member of the Scottish Government’s Strategic approach to participation: research group.

Konstantoni, K. was invited by the Early Years Quality Improvement Education Officer (Edinburgh Council) to consult on guidance for Early Years settings across Edinburgh to support them in developing their curriculum, especially around anti-bias curriculum (her research expertise). Kristina’s research and publications are being used to inform the development. The Early Years Quality Improvement Education Officer is also currently looking into options for developing Career Long Professional Learning and has invited Kristina to develop material and training around the anti-bias curriculum, should they find relevant funds.

Kustatscher, M. in 2019-20 developed and delivered a 5-part training course on Practitioner Inquiry for childhood practitioners in Edinburgh (funded by Education Scotland, partnership between Edinburgh City Council and Edinburgh Froebel Network).


Foley, Y. (2019) Keynote speaker: Critical Approaches to Literacy: Globalising the Local. Sheffield, June 2019. 

Foley, Y. (2019) Keynote speaker: Inspiring Diverse Approaches: a call to globalise the local, SATEAL, Edinburgh, March 2019. 

Hancock, A. (2019) Invitation to present research findings at LANGS National Conference 28 February 2019 (Scottish Local authority 1+2 Quality Officers). 

Hancock, A. (2019) Invitation to present research findings at Language Rules Conference at University of Nottingham 17 April 2019. 

Hancock, A. Links developed with Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education, Sydney School of Education & Social Work, University of Sydney. 

Hancock, A. Contributed to Professional Learning Events: JESIE Summer School (Chinese UG students), YBoom (Chinese Headteachers), VIAA (Netherlands Teacher Educators), University of Pennsylvania (EdD students). 

Konstantoni, K. (2019) Young Children’s Rights in ‘tough’ times: Implications for quality early learning and childcare provision’. 29TH European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) Conference, ‘Early Years: Making it Count’, 20th-23rdAugust 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Konstantoni, K. McNair Lynn and Addison, L. (2019) Invited Talk and Workshop participation: What do child centred practices and spaces look like and why bother? The case of play-cafés27 June 2019. University of Potsdam. Germany. 

Konstantoni, K. (2019) Invited Talk: Whose Childhood Counts? The critical role of ethnography and participation in researching childhoods and intersectional inequalities. 6 June 2019, Growing Together: Celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.  

Konstantoni, K. (2019) Invited Keynote TalkTowards intersectional childhood studies: Beyond Diverse Childhoods. 22 January 2019, Bergische University Wuppertal, Germany. 

Konstantoni, K. (2019) Organiser: Pop UPlay Café 2019. As part of the Fire Starter Festival, funded by the Institute for Continuous Improvement, Partners included: Cowgate Under Fives, Riverside Cottage Nursery, Let Me Eat and Community Playthings. Please find video here: This was a community engagement event to explore children and families’ experiences and perspectives about play cafes. A growing number of community and business play spaces seek to provide ‘child-friendly’ spaces. To what extent are these adult designed spaces relevant for young children and their families, and constitute environments that promote children’s rights and high quality education and learning?  

Konstantoni, K. (2019) Organiser and Chair: First seminar of the Childhood & Youth Studies Research Group, University of EdinburghSpeaker: Dr McNair Lynn and Addison, L. What do child centred practices and spaces look like and why bother?’ (7 March 2019).  

Konstantoni, K. and Kustatscher, M. (2019) gave an invited talk to the Social Research Team at Scottish Government about ‘Taking a children’s rights and intersectional approach in research: a participatory action research case study.’

Konstantoni, K. (2019) Member of the Scottish Government’s working group for development of online modules for Early Learning and Childcare.

Kustatscher, M. (2019) What is ‘Quality’ in the Early Years? Presentation to Senior Early Years Team at Edinburgh City Council, January 2019.

Kustatscher, M. and Henderson, E. (2019) The complexity of emotional labour in early years: emotions, embodiment and social inequalities. 29th Annual EECERA Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece. August 2019.  

Kustatscher, M. organized and chaired symposium on ‘Early Years Education for all: Including Rights and sustainability in conversations around ‘quality’ at the 29th European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) Conference, ‘Early Years: Making it Count’, 20th-23rdAugust 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece. 

Kustatscher, M. (2019) How young is too young? Early Years, children’s rights and anti-racist practiceTalk at CERES Conference 2019, Edinburgh. June 2019.  

Li, J. (2017-19) National core skills framework for schools in China. Jingyi was invited to join a cross-disciplinary team in the Beijing Normal University to work on the project of developing a national core skills framework for Chinese students. The project was funded by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21) and SKT Education and beyond. Jingyi presented a paper reviewing the framework development process on behalf of the research team to BAICE 2018 Conference in York. The core skills framework was published in May 2018. An article focusing on collaboration skill has been published by Journal of East China Normal University. 

O’Hanlon, F. (2019) Co-organised (together with Prof Rhys Jones and Dr Elin Royles, University of Aberystwyth) a 2-day stakeholder engagement event on Evaluation, Impact and Outcomes in working with children and young people in regional and minority language revitalisation efforts (Cardiff, February 2019). This was attended by over 50 policy makers and practitioners from civil society youth organisations in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. This workshop was both a knowledge exchange activity for an ESRC funded research project, and an exploration of the challenges facing youth work organisations working through the medium of a minority language in terms of how to evaluate and demonstrate the impact and outcomes of their work. A workshop briefing report was published after the event:  

Royles, E., O’Hanlon, F. & Jones, R. (2019) Evaluation, Impact and Outcomes in working with children and young people in regional and minority language revitalisation efforts  

Orr, M. Critical language teacher education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (School of Education) (May 2019).
Lecture: Language and power: ideology, discourse and text.
Workshop: reflective writing for language teachers.
Workshop: action research for language teachers.
Workshop: local voices, local poets and language teaching. 

Orr, M. Council for at risk academics (CARA) Istanbul (December 2019).
Week of workshops for Syrian refugee academics focusing on promoting and preparing their research for dissemination and publication.