Extending the 1+2 Language Strategy: Complementary schools and their role in heritage language learning in Scotland

Dr Andy Hancock (University of Edinburgh)
Jonathan Hancock (Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland, University of Edinburgh)

The Scottish Government’s ambitious 1+2 Language Strategy, launched in 2012, has refocused attention on language policy in education and the provision for language learning in Scotland. Contained within the Strategy is a commitment for schools to further develop links involving ‘language communities’ to ‘derive maximum benefit from foreign language communities in Scotland’ . This research reports on a national survey of complementary school providers in order to gain insights into the perspectives of ‘language communities’ in Scotland in relation to heritage language learning and their awareness of the 1+2 Language Strategy. Data reveals a complex picture of provision for heritage language learning outside of mainstream schools and an untapped resource for language planning and valuing the linguistic diversity of school communities.  The research report concludes with a number of recommendations to inform and help shape future developments of the 1+2 Language Strategy.

You can download a copy of the report here. 

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