New CERES Briefing

Minority Ethnic Young People and the Scottish Independence Referendum

This briefing draws from an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project exploring the everyday geopolitics of young people from diverse ethnic backgrounds growing up in Scotland. The project began in 2013 and runs to 2016. The project is focussing on a number of issues relating to young people’s experiences of discrimination, the ways in which they are, or are not, mistaken for being Muslim (and so experience Islamophobia as a result), and their perceptions about everyday geopolitics.

As the period of study covered the timescale at which sixteen and seventeen year olds have been given the opportunity to vote in a major ballot in the UK, the Scottish Independence Referendum, the briefing extracts themes emerging from discussions about the referendum and independence. This briefing covers the period from November 2013 – July 2014.

Download CERES Briefing No. 4.