Five Nations Conference – Citizenship and identities: political identity

CERES Co-Director Rowena Arshad gave the keynote address ‘Exploring multiple and political identities in a diverse society’ at the end of the first day of the Five Nations Conference which took place in Edinburgh in December 2013.

A video is now available of the keynote address:


Children’s Rights, Social Justice and Social Identities Seminar Series:

Seminar 2, ‘Children and young people’s views on and experiences of intersecting identities and inequalities’. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 20 March 2014.

Video with key highlights:

Video with key highlights subtitled/sign language:

Presentation podcasts:

Harry Shier, Intersecting identities of children in Nicaragua? We all work and we all go to school?

Professor Pat Dolan, Making Sense-Learning for Family Support from young people’s views and experiences

Seminar 1, ‘Intersecting Childhood Identities, Inequalities and Rights: Unpacking Concepts and Exploring Implications’. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Monday 2nd December 2013.

Video with key highlights:

Presentation podcasts:

Dr Kristina Konstantoni, Welcome and Introduction

Dr Akwugo Emejulu, Intersectionality: A Short Introduction

Dr Kylie Smith, Using multiple theoretical lenses to explore childhood intersectional identities and (in)equalities?

Dr Alison Hosie, Afternoon Panel Presentation 1

Nico Juetten, Afternoon Panel Presentation 2


Book Launch Event:

Gary Younge (Journalist and Author)
The Speech – The Story Behind Martin Luther King’s Dream
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh, Monday 14th October 2013


CERES Conference 2013:

Gary Younge (Journalist and Author)
‘Race’, Nation, and Culture in a Globalised World
Keynote Lecture, Wednesday 26th June 2013

Professor David Gillborn (University of Birmingham)
Racism Resentment and Resurgent Whiteness: Education and the War against Black Children
Keynote Lecture, Thursday 27th June 2013

Professor Geri Smyth (University of Strathclyde)
What’s in a Name? Constructing and Denying Identities in Educational Landscapes   Keynote Lecture, Friday 28th June 2013