Books, journals and articles

Why Conversations about Racism Belong in the Classroom.

Racial Equality and Scottish School Education: Ensuring today’s young people are tomorrow’s confident citizens.

Race Equality Teaching (Institute of Education)
A practitioner’s journal spanning 2003- 2018. There are many articles written by teachers and provides useful ideas.

Decolonising the Curriculum
A useful read (with links) about what Decolonising the Curriculum means.
This can be followed up by listening to Pran Patel ( a teacher) on his Tedx talk on Decolonising the Curriculum

Useful websites

Teaching Tolerance
A useful website that has ideas for teachers on how to engage with the topic of race and ethnicity in the classroom. It is US based but many ideas are transferable. It also covers other social justice areas such as talking about class, immigration, religion and more.

Culturally Responsive Teaching
Explores what culturally responsive teaching means for ‘race’ and provides ideas for classroom practice.