Doctoral supervision and support

Post-graduate (Masters and Doctoral) students

We welcome potential  masters and doctoral students to the Centre and we are happy to discuss supervision of students in the following areas:

  • Multicultural and anti-racist education (school and tertiary education)
  • Teacher activism in areas of equity and anti-discrimination
  • Change agency within organizations, particularly in relation to equity and social justice
  • Intersectionality of identities and social policy (particularly ‘race’, ethnicity and gender)
  • Social capital and equity
  • Migration, ethnicities and labour markets
  • Theorising political agency and identities

To discuss possible supervision, an internship or placement with the Centre, please contact Rowena Arshad.

CERES maintains a resource library related to ‘race’, ethnicity and education with space available for post-graduate and doctoral students.  Centre opening hours are generally Monday to Friday 09.30am – 12.30pm.  However, please contact the Centre Administrator on 0131 651 6371 to arrange access at other times.