CERES Conference offers Professional Learning Opportunity:  Teacher activism – learning from success

Thursday 25th June 1.30 – 3pm

This three-part session invites participants to look at the experiences of pupil and teacher activists working to bring about change. The organisers start from the idea that children can develop complex understandings of human rights issues by relating their own lives to those of other children. Participants will be able to discuss a success story in Scottish activism to see what learning can be transferred to other issues. Following this, we will consider the use of a short media collage to present the practical example of Palestinian children living under military rule and discriminated against because of their identity. This sessions draws from the efforts of the fantastic pupils now known as The Glasgow Girls who’s campaign played an important part in the decision of the UK government to end the detention of children for immigration purposes.

To register your intention to attend please e-mail ceres@ed.ac.uk and we will add your name to the list of participants.

The cost of the workshop is £10 per person, payment will be taken on the day.

You can find out more about the session including how to pay here.