Bell Foundation Grant Awarded

Policy, Pedagogy and Pupil Perceptions: EAL in England and Scotland

CERES Co-Director Yvonne Foley, in partnership with Colleagues from the University of Edinburgh (Dr Charles Anderson and Dr Pauline Sangster) and the University of Reading (Professor Viv Edwards and Professor Naz Rassool), have been successful in a bid for funding to The Bell Foundation for £3,000.

This will help to fund a pilot study that aims to give EAL learners a voice in shaping and informing their learning opportunities and experiences and to identify ways in which their perceptions can be used to improve their learning experiences within UK schooling.  The project will also investigate how the differing national policies in England and Scotland are enacted at the level of the secondary school, the department and the classroom in relation to individual learners.  This project began in January 2014.