CERES endorses the statement from the University of Edinburgh and the Moray House School of Education and Sport.  We look forward to working with colleagues across our School to be part of the solution.

Read the full Moray House Statement here.

The CERES team welcomes the School’s call for ideas to take collective steps to improve race equality at MHSES.  We are keen to support and contribute to any actions within our School.

We would like to highlight the need to embed the following at School level:

  • Key recommendations from the Thematic Review 2018-19 of Black and Minority Ethnic Students
  • Forthcoming recommendations from the University’s Race Equality and Anti-Racism Sub-group.

We will work with the School to support the above, and to develop a School-wide conversation about anti-racism in education, which should include the following elements:

  • Support a cross-School conversation on decolonizing subject areas
  • Develop an active portfolio of events and social media activity on anti-racist education (including blogs, podcasts, seminars/webinars, information stalls, reading groups etc.)
  • Contribute to induction of new staff and students to send a clear message of zero tolerance on any forms of prejudice and discrimination
  • Work with the School EDI lead and Senior Management Team to develop a protocol to ensure representation of BAME staff in the School and on committees and senior management teams.
  • Create safe spaces for BAME staff and students to discuss experiences of racism.
  • Push for action at the School to act on staff and student reports of racism and to ensure robust feedback to staff and students affected on what has been done to address the concerns/reports.
  • To work with the EDI lead and Senior Management team to create an anti-racist culture in the School.