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Past interns and students on placement

Sumera Umrani

My picSumera is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of English Language and Literature, University of Sindh. She completed her M.A in English Literature in 2005 from University of Sindh, Pakistan and obtained an MSc in English Language in 2011 at the University of Edinburgh, before going on to complete a PhD at the Moray House School of Education in 2015. Dr. Lorna Hamilton and Dr. Maria Dasli supervised her PhD project ‘Students Perceptions about English Language Learning and Learners’ Identity’. Her research interests include English Language Teaching in Postcolonial Contexts, Language and Learners’ Identity and English as Linguistic Capital in Pakistan. Sumera conducted a literature review for the ‘Connecting Cultures’ CERES research project, further details of which can be found here.

Pamela Andrade

PaPANDRADE013-2 copymela was a visiting research student from the University of Sāo Paulo who studied at the School of Education, University of Edinburgh from October 2013 to March 2014. Her thesis focused on the development of critical intercultural pedagogies for students who study Portuguese as a foreign language. It was supervised by Dr. Maria Dasli (University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Maria Helena da Nóbrega (University of Sāo Paulo).

Laura Alexichick

Laura was on internship with CERES for May and June 2013 from the University of Indiana. She worked on the topic of reverse culture shock and cultural awareness.

Christiana Fizet

christianaChristiana was on a month long placement in May 2013 while completing her Bachelor of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada. Prior to this she undertook a Master’s degree in International Migration Studies through the University of Amsterdam where her thesis focused on racism in political discourse in Ireland. While on placement with CERES, Christiana interviewed teachers in their probationary year of teaching on their views on social justice and equity issues in education as part of a research project led by Dr. Rowena Arshad and Laura Mitchell. Her dissertation focused on discursive and everyday forms of racism and anti-racist pedagogy.

Aike Broens

Aike was on a placement with CERES until the end of January 2013. Aike was a student from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences studying ‘Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming’ – similar to a social work degree in the UK.  The final part of her four year program was a 10 week placement with an organisation outside Rotterdam. Aike was interested in exploring how educators in Rotterdam and Edinburgh were assisting young people (aged 9-12) to become aware of racism as well as inclusion and exclusion issues. Her study also explores the social and political context of both cities with the aim of looking for best practice to disseminate as well as recommendations for improvement. Her placement lead at CERES was Dr Rowena Arshad. Aike presented her findings at the CERES International Conference in June 2013.

Katy Johnston

A history graduate from Edinburgh University, Katy recently returned from China where she taught English in two middle schools. Her interests lie in race and identity and her undergraduate dissertation looked at the experiences of West Indians in wartime Britain. She recently worked on two projects: a study of black activism in Scotland with Dr Rowena Arshad and Dr Philomena de Lima and ‘Connecting Cultures’ with Dr Pete Allison and Dr Maria Dasli.