CERES Co-Director Akwugo Emejulu has been awarded £9,397 (with Leah Bassel, University of Leicester) from the British Academy Small Grant Scheme for a project entitled ‘Minority Women’s Activism in Tough Times’.

This project seeks to explore the challenges and opportunities of grassroots activism in times of austerity in the UK and France. Working with four non-governmental organisation networks in the UK and France, the project will explore how these organisations mobilise against the challenges facing minority women as well as how these women are organising within NGOs in the context of the economic crisis. Understanding the influence of austerity measures on activism for gender and racial justice will generate valuable insights into the ‘views from below’ in relation to austerity and fill an important knowledge gap in terms of understanding the political behaviour of minority women in public spaces in what are considered to be ‘opposite’ contexts in their treatment of diversity.