CERES Associates Professor Peter Hopkins (University of Newcastle), Dr Gurchathen Sanghera (University of St. Andrews) and CERES Co-Director Dr Rowena Arshad have been awarded a substantial AHRC grant to investigate ‘Non-Muslim’ and Muslim youth: religious identities, Islmophobia and everyday geopolitics.

The project will run from March 2013 until February 2016

This novel project has four interrelated aims:

  1. To explore the issue of Islamophobia in relation to the experiences of ‘non-Muslim’ and Muslim youths (aged 12-25) in Scotland who are targeted because they look Muslim (Alexander, 2004) and to explain how different religious, ethnic and minoritised youth experience and understand Islamophobia, the impact of this on community relations, social cohesion and integration.
  2. To analyse these experiences within a framework that takes cognisance of the intersectionality of ethnicity with other relevant positionalities such as religion, gender, social class and locality (e.g. Hopkins, 2009; Mohammad 2001; Sanghera and Thapar-Bjorkert 2007).
  3. To detail how young people understand and negotiate ‘everyday geopolitics’.
  4. To problematise polarised discourses which see young people as either politically disengaged and apathetic or politically radicalised and extreme.

You can find out more about project the by visiting the website here